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About Mr.Nandu Gawande

Nandu Gawande is one of the most gifted artists renowned for his skills as a calligrapher and designer. Right from his early childhood, his inclination for drawing and writing became apparent to the people around him. After schooling, he completed art course in Nashik and later in Mumbai. His skills led him into calligraphy and lettering as image, working with various tools, pens, brushes and later computer.

With creativity and command over the writing over decades, he brings words beautifully to life. He started his own designing studio in Nashik. His designs have various aspects due to many fields he works through. His work has graced various advertisements, logo, symbols, layouts, book covers for many institutes, newspapers, academies, magazines, politicians, etc.

As a renowned calligrapher and designer in Maharashtra, he has been invited to teach, for delivering speech and demonstrate his art through various institutes, art and architectural colleges and schools. He has arranged various workshops and has represented his calligraphical painting through exhibitions in India.

His paintings has been bought by clients in USA, Australia and Germany. His calligraphic artworks are included in the collections of the 'Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy Russia'.


  • 1975-1979 :
    Graduated as Bachelor of Arts from KTHM College, Nashik Studied arts at Kala-Niketan College, Nashik
  • 1980-1982 :
    Completed Post graduation as Masters of Arts with subjects Psychology and Marathi at HPT arts college, Nashik
  • 1982-1985 :
    Completed commercial arts in Calligraphy, Illustration and Copyrighting at Mumbai


  • Basic Calligraphy ' Work Book' for students
  • Calligraphical Haripath (2014)
  • Drawing book for grade exams (2015)
  • Calligraphical Diary 'Kusumakshre' (2016) [with poems of well known poet Kusumagraj]

Exhibitions and Paintings

  • Thoughts (2011), Aksharyadnya (2012), Calligraphical fusion (2015)
  • A series of Calligraphical paintings on biography of 'Sant Namdev' in 2015 at Marathi Sahitya Sammelan, Ghuman, Punjab
  • Calligraphical paintings for various clients at USA (Sant Tukamaram Abhanga), Australia (Vitthala), Germany (Pasaydan)
  • In 2017, three paintings were selected for International exhibition by Contemporary Museum of Calligraphy, Moscow, Russia and is selected permanently in Museum.


  • Articles in newspapers about Calligraphy and Art
  • Lectures for different organizations and through colleges
  • Program in news channel IBN Lokmat in 2015 (Bheti Lage Jiva-Akshar dindi) and 2016 (Akshar Ganpati)
  • Lecture about Calligraphy in advertising through Akashavani, Nashik


"Calligraphy is a form of inner energy.
Beauty, structure and strokes are soul of it.
Calligraphy is an expressive art.
Let's celebrate it!"


  • Freelancing as a Calligrapher at famous Advertising Agencies Everest (Mumbai), Mudra Communication (Mumbai)
  • In 1985 started Designing Studio at Nashik (Maharashtra)
  • Worked as an actor in various theater dramas
  • Set designing for Drama Theater agencies
  • Design works for Advertisements in Newspapers as well as Hoarding, Logo and Symbols, Layouts for Magazines, Layouts and Cover page design for various books, Calendars, Packaging designs, etc.
  • Manpatra (Testimonials) Design and writing for famous personalities ( Lata Mangeshkar, Lakshman Deshpaneande, Sharad Pawar, Udayan raje Bhosle)
  • Calligraphical design for book covers, Standee and Danglers ,etc.
  • Posters for Social awareness
  • In 2007 started first Calligraphy class by name 'Akshar-yadnya' in Nashik
  • Calligraphy workshops and demonstrations for educational societies like architectural colleges, schools and through other activities in City as well as Rural throughout Maharashtra
  • In 2016 started classes drawing competitive exams ( NATA, NID, MHT-CET)and art classes by name 'Art Window and Architecture' in Nashik
  • Publicity Designs for Movies - Shwas (2004) [National film fare awarded and Oscar nominated Film], Chandrakala (2014), Mahaguru (2014), Bharad (2016), Reti (2016), Bandukya (2017)


Various awards for Set designs, Advertisements, and contributions in Designing and Calligraphy